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Tsui about 1 month ago

Combo Pan Roast

My mouth is watering as I type this review! This dish always hits the spot for me. I get the combo pan roast with spicy level 7. It's the perfect combination of spicy, seafood and cajun seasoning. Goes perfect with some osyters and a cold IPA. I've taken friends and family here to eat and they all love it. Cost on the dish is a little on the pricier, but you're getting decent seafood and well worth the price tag. Enjoy!

Allyjung00 about 1 month ago

Chicken & Sausage Pan Roast

One of the best Pan Roast Ive tried! Im a huge fan of cajun style food and this just satisfied all my cravings. The pan roast is delicious, creamy, and flavorful. I love the chicken and sausages! The meat pairs so well and cooked perfectly. A must have item whenever my family visits Alhambra Ritters!

Gq1497 about 1 month ago

Combo Pan Roast

We regularly order our favorites for our family dinner which includes 2 combo pan roast (large sausage, shrimp) just for me and my leftovers lol, shrimp po'boy, 2 Cajun calamari, and shrimp scampi. I can't wait until we can order food again from you guys. Our stomachs deeply miss you guys.

Donniedallassmith about 2 months ago

Crab Pan Roast

Best creole dish ive had since a louisanna wedding in 2004. Ya'll.. the flavors are robust and marry together like a symphony in your mouth. Its like that scene in Ratatouille when the music combine and it combines into another wonderful explosion of flavors as you taste each element come together. I dream about this food.. i crave. I introduced my 10 year old to okra here and all ge ever wants is devil's popcorn. Hes now 14 and this is still out favorite meal to have. 10/10, and the steam kettle cooking making it that much healthier is the fried okra on top. You owe it to yourself to try Ritter's if youve been missing some honest creole food.

V724g 2 months ago

Shrimp Diablo

From Customer Service to Entrees ALWAYS Awesome and Great!!! 🍲🍛 A MUST recommending Families and Friends!!! 😀

Laura92649 2 months ago

Chicken & Sausage Pan Roast

Absolutely amazing dish, I always crave it. Just can't beat it. I love having it with the warm bread.

Lengcee 3 months ago

Chicken & Sausage Pan Roast

Level 10 Chicken & Sausage pan roast! SO GOOD! Trust me! I wouldn't steer you in the wrong direction, right?! Dip your buttered bread in the pan roast?! Even better! I drive more than 20 miles away but the Santa Ana location is the best. Hands down.

Sarahteng12 3 months ago

Chicken & Sausage Pan Roast

One of the best things I've ever eaten in my life. Absolutely delicious. I ate this like every weekend for weeks at some point. I could live on this dish alone.

Ebonyhenson 3 months ago

Shrimp Pan Roast

Today was a great experience with Alberto. During the Pandemic he was so pleasant and he also offered a new item to try that we never had and it was amazing. The clam chowder was amazing. We only go for the pan roast and never try anything new. We were extremely satisfied with today's service and food.

Astridd 3 months ago

Chicken & Sausage Pan Roast

I love this place! I was introduced by a friend and at first I was skeptical but after trying it I am always wanting to eat at this place! I also love the service here the people are very friendly and the wait isn't long at all! Definently one of my favorite places to eat.

Mnishimoto23 4 months ago

Combo Pan Roast

Pan roast is always delicious and creamy. Rich flavor with an actually accurate spice scale. Will always go back when I can.

Airassault 4 months ago

Chicken & Sausage Pan Roast

The best dish offered! Layers of flavors. Incredibly delicious!

Rlsprewell 4 months ago

Combo Pan Roast

You need a restaurant in Pasadena!!

Bhmnguyen 4 months ago

House Pan Roast

Wow, wow and wow. Better than Vegas place. Don't have to drive far.

Mcdonald 4 months ago

Shrimp Cocktail

Large shrimp, great cocktail sauce. What more could you ask for??

Mcdonald 4 months ago

Shrimp Gumbo

Another go-to comfort food that's made the way they do in Louisiana! Huge portions and great flavor, regardless of your preference of spice level. Never Disappoints!

Mcdonald 4 months ago

Fried Okra "Devils Popcorn"

Fried okra has always been a favorite of mine, and Ritter's does it justice. A lot of people have a problem with okra's "slimy" texture, but you wont find that with these! they are beautifully crispy and the sauce just takes it over the edge. Love!

Dougmullin 4 months ago

House Pan Roast

This dish is MONEY! Everyone I have taken here for it says it's so amazing. I like spicy, but I only go with 6-7 out of 10 on hotness. I used to get it out at the Palace Station back when Mr. Ritter used to make it at the Oyster Bar.

Lyricwed 5 months ago

House Pan Roast

I've been to Ritter's more than 5 times and love ordering the amazing popular House Pan Roast. I love spicy and always ask for level 8 or even 10. I never regret ordering this dish! I highly recommend ordering the bacon wrapped shrimp also!

Chrismcneill26 5 months ago

House Pan Roast

This stuff is unbelievable. I go to one of the locations at least once a week. I haven't had good southern cooking on the west coast anywhere else!

Antwash13 about 1 month ago

Half Chicken & Sausage Pan Roast

With extra shrimp and crab! My son and I were about to drive to Santa Ana. Our favorite restaurant!!!

Lily about 1 month ago

House Pan Roast

I love their pan roast, it's rich in flavor, and has a ton of seafood. It's my go to place when I'm craving a Cajun. I love that the Alhambra location is back up. Love everything on the menu here.

A about 2 months ago

House Pan Roast

First time ever trying a pan roast, never looking back. Best thing I've ever put in my mouth!

Amti688 about 2 months ago

Combo Pan Roast

Great customer service and the foods are excellent! My favorites are the Gumbo/Pan Roast 👍.

Brittneyames1016 2 months ago

Chicken & Sausage Pan Roast

Ritters is my favorite place to eat. The spices blend so nicely together and the spice is always just right. The Cajun fries aren't overly spiced like most places and those are a must buy at every visit. My daughter is obsessed with the clam chowder and for good reason, it's amazing. Can't find a spot to eat at better then here.

Ms 2 months ago

House Pan Roast

Absolutely love the house pan roast....everything is so good in every bite. You'll get a little bit of everything. Paired really well with the house bread and bomb butter.

Itsloraining90 3 months ago

House Pan Roast

First time having pan roast and I was mind blown. It's so good I crave it all the time! There's so much I can get a few meals out of it!

Mrelsopus 3 months ago


My wife and I love Ritter's. Whenever we can get away for date night (which is not that often because of work and kids) we come here to enjoy a great meal and a chill atmosphere. The people are awesome and the service is excellent. She usually orders the etouffee and my favorite dish is their cioppino. It is prepared perfectly and the price point is spot on. We've tried most of their appetizers from the fried okra to their succulent steamers. Don't forget the calamari as well as the clam chowder. Everything is so yummy!! I have recommended Ritter's to our family and friends and they were not disappointed. Bon appetit.

Beachgdn2 3 months ago

Shrimp Pan Roast

Awesome food!! Just the right touch of heat!! Shrimp pan roast!!

Sarah 4 months ago

Chicken & Sausage Pan Roast

The pan roast is so delicious!! The quantity is good and the meat is always so tender. Ritter's is one of my favorite restaurants of all time and I constantly crave the pan roast. Also, the honey butter is amazing.

Thefish3 4 months ago

House Pan Roast

This is absolutely my favorite meal. Ever. It is complete perfection and the reason why I pick Ritters every year to celebrate my birthday.

Lanajames82 4 months ago

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

Ok I've tried lots of things on the menu but one of my favorite things to get is the bacon wrapped shrimp! Most people review everything else so I decided to do this! So let me tell y'all, 1. They are sooooooo good. The bacon is wrapped perfectly and crispy and the shrimp are large. Not like some places when they give you little baby shrimp. And the sauce they give for you to dip in is like a mustardy type and it's perfect! I honestly could eat it everyday but I don't wanna ruin a good thing. So I go every few days hahaha!! Give it a try y'all seriously!

Andrewalanchoibought 4 months ago

House Pan Roast

This was so good. Rich. Creamy. Hearty.

Natalie 4 months ago

Blackened Salmon Salad

Absolutely amazing!! Great portion, fresh greens ❤️

Mcdonald 4 months ago

Red Beans & Rice

Southern classic, done right. Reminds me of my mom's cooking growing up on the boarder of Texas and Louisiana!

Mcdonald 4 months ago


My absolute favorite thing on the menu! Portion is huge, flavor is intense in the best way, and i'm overjoyed every time by the insane amount of shrimp and crawfish included in every bowl. I cannot handle spicy food due to a stomach related illness, so I always order spicy level: none. This worried me the first time that it would remove all the flavor but that isn't the case at all, nothing is left out when it comes to the amazing seasoning! I will always recommend this dish!

Mcdonald 4 months ago

Catfish Po' Boy

Crispy, delicious, great portion size, and reminds me of my times in Louisiana. couldn't ask for more!

Woodkittyhaha 5 months ago

House Pan Roast

It was a cold and stormy Saturday morning and i wanted something warm to eat. The server started by giving us fresh french bread and butter. We started with the chowder fries. I really was curious and skeptical, but decided to jump in feet first. So much flavor, fries, tomatoes, bacon, cheese and new england clam chowder...YES please! We split a half order and didn't finish so that we would still be hungry for lunch. My husband ordered the Etoufee and I ordered the Bouillaroast. The flavors were sumptuous and rich. I ordered mine with rice. Tomatoey, crab, clams, mussels, shrimp and lobster and saffron. I wish i could've eaten more but the serving size was more than enough. Yay leftovers! Our server Anthony was genuinely helpful and VERY attentive. This is a definitely a favorite from now on! I need to mention the young lady at the steam table cooking at LEAST 10 dishes at once. That alone was amazing. We will be back!

Jms0208 5 months ago

Combo Pan Roast

What an excellent dinner. Mild was actually mild. Ready to go back next day and try a little hotter and other dishes. Wish this was closer to home would be a new favorite!!

Bobanning1503 5 months ago


I've had Beignets in New Orleans. At Cafe Du Monde and I believe ritters. Beignets are just as good if not better. I would highly recommend coming in and trying almost anything on the menu from the bull your base to the etouffee to the pan roast. Everything is delicious.


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