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Jms0208 about 1 month ago

Combo Pan Roast

What an excellent dinner. Mild was actually mild. Ready to go back next day and try a little hotter and other dishes. Wish this was closer to home would be a new favorite!!

Bobanning1503 about 2 months ago


I've had Beignets in New Orleans. At Cafe Du Monde and I believe ritters. Beignets are just as good if not better. I would highly recommend coming in and trying almost anything on the menu from the bull your base to the etouffee to the pan roast. Everything is delicious.

Mlmerchain about 2 months ago

Cajun Calamari

We dine at Ritters Alhambra frequently and we have never been disappointed. Family faves are the chowder fries, calamari, house pan roast, linguine and clams, cilantro chicken, po' boy sandwiches and many more. We enjoy sitting at the bar and watching the line cooks work their magic. Staff is always great to us and the owner always comes out to greet everyone and see how your meal is. It is an Alhambra gem!

Nissa about 2 months ago

House Pan Roast

Ordered the pan roast and it was honestly one of the best things I have ever eaten. We love New Orleans and try to go there to eat as often as possible. Just waking in to Ritter's smells so authentic. I highly would recommend this dish. So flavorful and piping hot.

R. Michelle 2 months ago

House Gumbo

Delicious Hose Gumbo! I am from New Orleans, and I NEVER, ever like the gumbo served in CA. This is the closest to my Grandmothers I have ever had! I am so happy I live near by! It is very Rich in flavor, and filled with wonderful ingredients and seafood!

R. Michelle 2 months ago

New England Clam Chowder

Delicious, rich clam chowder! They have 2 versions and i like them BOTH!

Mailgeneraltwo 2 months ago

Combo Pan Roast

I've searched for two years since moving to CA for a good pan roast and found a fantastic one! Loved every bite, service was excellent and we will be back regularly!

Hdmiguel 2 months ago

Combo Pan Roast

This is by far on my list one of the best meals I've ever had. It's so delicious. I first ordered this about 4sh years ago when I first met my gf. This was one of our first few dates. Dang, 4 years, I guess I should propose soon. Ok, back to the Pan roast. Straight Firahhhh

Mshaunder 3 months ago

Cajun Calamari

I had been passing this place for years and finally stopped in about 6 months ago. Have been regularly ever since. The best food I have ever tasted! Cooked with passion. Definitely a must!

Ana 3 months ago

Lobster Gumbo

Came in here with my daughter and I ordered the lobster gumbo and she had the clam chowder cup. Wow both were so flavorful and fulfilling. Raves about it all weekend. Definitely going to come again.

Lorenrbaker 3 months ago

Shrimp Pan Roast

Perfect dish. Just the right combination of everything. Highly recommend to sit at the bar.

Yvn24 3 months ago

House Pan Roast

I'm a picky eater, but I must say this place is BOMB. The shrimp, crab, sausage pan roast is a must. Try it! This restaurant will not disappoint. They need to come and open in the Inland Empire.

Vanessavalenz24 4 months ago

Combo Pan Roast

So delicious! There's nothing else around like it! The bread and butter (that they serve as a side dish) melts in your mouth, along with the pan roast is the perfect combo for a rainy day or a day in the mood for delicious seafood!

Wheresmrg2 4 months ago

House Pan Roast

You cannot go wrong with their pan roast. Fresh ingredients and savory sauces over a bed of perfectly cooked rice. Such an amazing treat. I definitely also recommend a dozen of their delicious oysters and a bowl of their house made chowder. Their tasty food paired with their attentive and nice staff are what makes me going back each and every time.

Ashley 4 months ago

Combo Pan Roast

This restaurant is absolutely amazing ! The pan roasts have the most loveliest of flavors. Even if you are not the sea food type, they have other protein options and spice levels (ohhhh man the spice !) it is just as delicious. I came here for a staff holiday lunch as I am not one to venture out to new restaurants on my own, and what a surprise ! I am in love and this has never happened to me with any restaurant. The staff is amazing by the way. Luckily we had come on a day that was not busy during the week, however, I have heard that there is quite a wait but let me tell you, IT IS WORTH IT !!!!!! I am looking forward to bringing my family here as I NEED them to experience the bliss that is PAN ROAST !!!!

Bobbyhuggins 4 months ago

Crab Pan Roast

First had Ritter's in the OC location years ago. Wife and I are so happy to now have a location closer to home. Our go to dish remains the pan roast. Just the perfect amount of heat, moderated by the creaminess and the rice. We often will order a second one to go to have later in the week. Never a let down.

Russieyvette 5 months ago

Combo Pan Roast

The combo pan roast was so amazing. Big chunks of lobster, crab, and jumbo shrimp and spiced just right, #5 for me. Comes with rice. Started with the Chowder Fries! So delish! Could not finish either though as portions were large. Took leftovers home. Highly recommend eating at Ritter's if you are visiting Huntington Beach. Perfect downtown spot and perfect for Friday night in November. Huntington Beach has some quaint and memorable restaurants and this is one of them. I would like to make a suggestion. How about a small 3 piece blues or jazz band on the weekend. Would really compliment the ambience.

Wstewart580 5 months ago

Chicken & Sausage Pan Roast

Had the chicken and sausage pan roast along with bacon wrapped shrimp. Both were spectacular

Breddairie 5 months ago

Combo Pan Roast

Our family decided to try Ritter's which was down the street from my mother-in-law's job. The restaurant was very clean inside and arrival time there was not much people in the restaurant. The waiter was very friendly, efficient and took care of us and every need we had. when it came to the food, I have to say that although I loved an Etoufee, the combo pan roast was the best dish I've ever had tasted. when food can only give you one word to describe it, wow, you know it's good. The spice level was just right and all the ingredients was balanced. Any of the Pan Roasts I'm going to assume here will be delicious as they use the same sauce. The flavor was phenomenal and although this was a tomato creamy base, it wasn't overpowering and it actually highlighted every single ingredient in the dish. This was just an amazing experience and overall an enjoyable time to share some Cajun food. Ritters is the place.

Guest 5 months ago

Ritter's Chowder

Must have! Best chowder I have ever had! Worth my hour drive!

Chrismcneill26 about 1 month ago

House Pan Roast

This stuff is unbelievable. I go to one of the locations at least once a week. I haven't had good southern cooking on the west coast anywhere else!

Zelgie13 about 2 months ago

New England Clam Chowder

So I've had clam chowder in boston and seattle before and my expectation of clam chowder is pretty high. So in Los angeles, I haven't found any clam chowder I'm that impressed with yet....until now. Thanks Ritter for making a chowder that can rival ones I've had in boston and seattle. This Chowder is amazing! The clam taste really stands out. the ingredient inside is perfectly balanced. The spice they use is similar to the one I had in seattle which is absolutely delicious! Clam tasted fresh. I guess this is where I get my clam chowder in Los Angeles from now on!

Grsarabia about 2 months ago

Combo Pan Roast

First time eating Pan Roast (combo) and it was delish! I'm not a fan of creole cuisine...but NOW I AM! Well seasoned, well cooked, rice was perfect and I'm salivating as im typing this review...hahaha!

Lanimuche about 2 months ago


Tried Ritter's for the first time and had the house gumbo. It was excellent, not too spicy, and served piping hot! I was there with a friend to celebrate our birthdays and it proved to be the perfect place. The food was delicious and the service was exceptional. Thank you!

R. Michelle 2 months ago

Ritter's Chowder

This is my favorite Clam Chowder at Ritters! I usually get this or the House Gumbo! Both dishes are rich and filled with seafood.

R. Michelle 2 months ago

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

Delicious! I get these every time I go to Ritter's!

Designbylhj 2 months ago

House Pan Roast

I've wanted to eat pan roast. The restaurant is far from my place. So I can't try easily. But finally I made it yesterday. I went to the ritter's skc at santa ana. Even pre eating bread was so nice. Pan roast was amazing!!!! It's literally worth it. I will go there soon again. Thank you.

Ciara 2 months ago

Chicken & Sausage Pan Roast

My husband and I go to the Santa Ana location all the time. We drive about 30-40 minutes to get there but WORTH IT! I always get the Chicken & Sausage pan roast. Untouchable! And the Cajun fries are to die for!!! My favorite place for dinner. Service is always top notch and they always have great selections on beer. I've been to the Huntington Beach location as well and it doesn't disappoint either

Nlactolentino 3 months ago

Chicken & Sausage Pan Roast

excellent dish! one of my go-to restaurants during the weekend. happy hour is after 8pm and has amazing deals. love this place as well because it can accommodate large parties. 5 stars!

Mdwhalen757 3 months ago

Chicken Gumbo

Ritter's is Fantastic!! The BEST Cajun New Orleans style Restaurant in town !!! Had the Chicken Gumbo today , and it was the absolutely best tasting Gumbo I have ever tasted!! Dined at the Santa Ana location. Alberto and the rest of the staff GREAT service!! If you haven't dined at a Ritter's , Your missing out on a great experience!! Please give them a try!! Mike W.

Cathymarino 3 months ago

Manhattan Clam Chowder

My absolutely favorite dish is the Cajun grilled salmon and Cesar salad with a cup or bowl of Ritter's Manhattan style clam chowder w shrimp! The flavors explode in your mouth and satisfy your body with food that is good for you!❤️. I was going to Santa Ana and super happy they opened Huntington Beach 5 mins from my house!🙏🌞

Jrod4mv 4 months ago

Combo Pan Roast

The pan roast is just so creamy plus the extra sides of shrimp just warms you uo throughout and just hits the spot.

Pitch311 4 months ago

Shrimp Pan Roast

My family and I were visiting the Huntington Beach area from Colorado and needed a kid friendly place for lunch. We stumbled upon Ritter's, not knowing what steam kettle cooking was, but thought it sounded good. It was amazing!!!! We started with the calamari. It was amazingly tender and flavorful! The kids ordered the Mac n' cheese and my husband and I decided on the pan roast. This was the best meal of our entire vacation! Nothing could of been better and the only complaint is that there isn't a Ritter's location in Colorado. Next time we are in California, this will definitely be a stop we have to make!!!

Ruth 4 months ago


I do not leave without having beignets!!!!

Theebilanewedding 4 months ago

House Pan Roast

Your house pan roast is always our go to when my fiance and I order. This is one of our favorite spots for date night. It brings us back to New Orleans. Matter of fact we are going there tonight for dinner =)

Princessjillybeans89 4 months ago

Crab Pan Roast

Crab Pan roast is delicious! Its very hearty and filling. The portion size is good and enough for leftovers

Mdwhalen757 5 months ago

House Pan Roast

If you have never been to Ritters, you are missing out on a great food experience!! Everything on the menu is fantastic!! Today I had the House Pan Roast with sausage added . WOW !! You can chose to have it served over Rice or Pasta Thin Noodles. I always get the noodles. You can chose the level of heat you wish on all the main dishes 1 thru 10. I don't care for spicy, so I get a number 4 and it's just right!! Please try Ritter's, you will not be sorry. And I think you will become a life long fan!!!!!!

Kalibombshell 5 months ago

House Gumbo

This House Combo is Everythannng! From the savory sauce, to the shrimp, to the lobster and sausage pieces, I couldn't get enough! Definitely recommend this dish, it's one of my favorites. You won't regret it!

Dieharddanzig 5 months ago


Been here a few times so far and haven't been disappointed first tried the shrimp po boy and it was great then the pan roast mix with shrimp,crab,lobster and clams on the second trip it was fantastic and then had the Bouillabaisse on my last trip and man it was so delicious if your a seafood aficionado youll need to order this with a good medium spice depending on your liking very good dishes all around and also great appetizers and beer choices make this place the go to spot off of valley in Alhambra now to try the other 2 locations is on my list most definitely.

Bbritx 5 months ago

Fried Shrimp Po' Boy

This is one of my favorite items! It's so delicious with not too much heat and is a big serving, you might have some leftovers. The Cajun fries that come with it are amazing as well! Yummmmm


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