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Matheuscostaxxx 14 days ago

Linguine & Clams

This is my #1 dish! You guys rock not only this but all the other dishes on the menu. The bottled is always incredible cold, like should be. Keep the good work and will always spread the word for Ritter. 👊🏼

Carol 25 days ago


I make Shrimp Etouffee at home, and this recipe was just like what I i was very happy for that! Wonderful blend of spices, deepened to perfection in the delish roux. Mound of fluffy rice to break the heat. On the heat scale mine was a 5/6, and it was divine!

Myk3000 2 months ago

Cilantro Chicken

I had the Ritters chowder customized with red and white chowder with seafood and it was the best thing I ever ate in my life!!!! The flavors were SOOOOO GOOD I thought I was gonna pass out!

Shane 5 months ago

House Pan Roast

This is fantastic and by far one of my favorite meals. The flavor is off the charts, you will not be let down!!!

Sisophelia 9 months ago

Crab Pan Roast

This is my favorite item on the menu. It is tasteful, rich, addictive and always perfect. You've got try it!!!

Ns4665 9 months ago

Catfish Po' Boy

Kenny Sr., loved it!

Susjeannette 23 days ago

Cilantro Chicken

It was delicious!!! too bad the place is closed during lunch time. I don't live nearby but I do work in the area and would love to try it once again. Hopefully, you guys change hours and open during lunch hours during the week. Other than that the food was delicious.

Valiryonh 26 days ago

Chicken & Sausage Pan Roast

I keep coming back for the chicken and sausage pan roast! So good I can't try anything else.

Guest 2 months ago

Fried Pickles

Fried to golden perfection and so heavenly with spicy, creamy dipping sauce.

Stevegarza 7 months ago

Crab Gumbo

I started eating here about a year ago after noticing the place on Valley. Yesterday, I ordered the crab gumbo and was not surprised by the quality, which is always high. For years I ate at the Gumbo Pot at Famer's Market. There is no comparison (sorry Gumbo pot). The gumbo at Ritter's is thick, rich and complex. Gumbo is a very flavorful dish, yet Ritter's preparation allows you to taste the flavors of the seafood as well that gorgeous, dark roux. I've been able to try a few other dishes here that I've only read about, e.g., Pan Roast! The word for that dish is amazing! Service here is top notch. There were a couple of times my food was a little late because they were so busy and I was comped a salad. Great restaurant that I'm still not tired of after a year.

Ns4665 9 months ago

Shrimp Gumbo

I had the Shrimp Gumbo it was such a big portion and tasteful and yummy!!!